Top 5 rides for the kid in you – Animal Kingdom


Last but certainly not least, I wanted to take a look at what us adults can expect at Animal Kingdom-which may seem to many like a big zoo, when in reality it is a zoo plus so much more, including these five attractions that everyone will love:

Dinosaur: a bumpy trip in a Jurassic Park style jeep through the times when these animals roamed the land….the one will leave you on the edge of your seat as you never know how the dinos will react to us humans!

Kali River Rapids: a white water adventure down a twisty-turny river, its a ride that warns you will get wet….which some may not enjoy but I find theres nothing better on a hot Orlando day then getting soaked!

Kilimajaro Safaris: another bumpy jeep ride like dinosaurs…but this time the animals are real and are breathtaking….adults love this one as much as kids…its almost like being in a real life scene from The Lion King

The Tree Of Life: Ok so this one isn’t technically a ride but it is certainly a wonderful attraction. Containing over 325 different animal carvings and standing at over 14 stories tall this tree is just another reason why Disney’s attention to detail sets these parks apart from all the other theme parks out there

Discovery Island Trails: Again not really a ride, but more of a self guided tour where you can, at your own pace, encounter turtles and many different kinds of birds and other small animals. This trail is nice and quiet and cool in the mornings (all the better to view the animals!)

The first time I visited Animal Kingdom, it wasn’t finished and I wasn’t particularly impressed. It took me a few more trips to warm to the place, but I am very glad I did as I find it very enjoyable as an adult….plus all the characters wear safari outfits which is awesome!

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