Top 5 Rides for the Kid in you – Epcot

When I was a kid, Epcot was actually my least favorite Walt Disney World park. Now that I am older, I enjoy it a lot more, its usually quieter, it is beautiful and unique, and now that I am of age, I can partake in it’s adult beverage offerings.

It has a lot to offer, and it is not as ride-centered as the other theme parks, but it still has some that are not to be missed:

Spaceship Earth: The line can sometimes be long for this ride, but it doesn’t usually take long to get onto one of the slow moving vehicles that take you through the history of communications

Living with the Land: A boat ride through Epcot’s indoor plant growing areas, many of the vegetables (including Mickey shaped cucumbers and Mickey shaped pumpkins), are used in restaurants around the parks

Test Track: A high speed car ride through a car ‘testing lab’, the line for this one can also be long, but it’s worth it if you have a need for speed!

Gran Fiesta Tour (in the World Showcase’s Mexico Area): a Boat ride through Mexico with Donald and the Three Caballeros (kinda hokey but fun, and indoors so the Air conditioning is a plus!)

Maelstrom (in the World Showcase’s Mexico Area): A boat ride that takes you back in time to Old Norway on dragon headed boats

Personally, I think the best thing about Epcot is how different it is from the other parks, the World Showcase isn’t just some lame display, it is a place where you can truly soak up some culture, and of course get some great ethnic food as well! I think it’s a place better suited for adults, and is a great place to spend an afternoon.

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