Top 5 rides for the kid in you – Hollywood Studios

Disney World’s Hollywood Studios has a lot to offer, and is very appealing to those of all ages. Personally, I find this park to be a lot more ‘adult friendly’ than the Magic Kingdom, with it’s movie themed streets and attractions.
I’ve compiled what I think are the top 5 non-roller coaster attractions that are fun for ALL:
The Great Movie Ride: I have loved this ride ever since I was a kid, getting to travel “through the movies” is so cool, especially the Wizard of Oz part, and its cool because it doesn’t feel like a “Disney” ride, it features scenes from some of the most famous movies of all time.
The Magic Of Disney Animation: The first part of this attraction is a theater presentation where a Disney cast member interacts with an on screen character to illustrate how a character is created/drawn to life. Then, you are led into another area where you can do some interactive computer games, and also watch actual disney animators at work (that is my favorite part!).
MuppetVision 3D: A 3D show in a movie theater, complete with wacky special effects and Statler and Waldorf spouting insults in the balcony. What’s cool about this is that even if you have to wait for the show, the waiting area has televisions featuring Muppets and props and is so fun you may forget you are waiting for the actual attraction to start!
Star Tours: For the nerd in all of us…this attraction takes us on a simulated ride in a galaxy far, far away. They recently refurbished the ride to include characters from the newer movies, and I have yet to try this version but I am sure it will be just as good as the original! My favorite part of this is the gift shop, where you can buy merchandise featuring disney characters dressed up as Luke Skywalker, Darth Vader, and all your other movie faves.
Backlot Tour: This tram ride takes you through different parts of a movie set, and has some pretty cool effects along the way, including an unexpected train explosion (this part always scared me as a kid, the flames always felt really hot and I thought it was real every time ha, but no worries its a completely controlled stunt!)
Hollywood Studios is my second favorite park (after the Magic Kingdom of course!), and I love everything it has to offer, it really makes me feel like I am stepping back to “Old Hollywood” and that I might get ‘discovered’ for a movie! *Fingers Crossed!*…You never know!
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