Top 5 rides for the kid in you – Magic Kingdom

There are so many rides at WDW that it can be overwhelming…I generally put roller coasters into one category and everything else into another…and I personally like to get on the roller coasters first (as they are my fave!) and then wind down with some other rides.

Many people might get the impression that anything that’s not a roller coaster is a *kid’s ride* and I can see where one might think that, and that’s why I came up with my personal top 5 non roller coaster rides that no adult should leave the Magic Kingdom without experiencing:

The Haunted Mansion : it’s inside, it’s in the dark, and it scares even the toughest of adults. Perfect for escaping those frequent Orlando afternoon thunderstorms

Mad Tea Party : The wait may be long (and occasionally full of crying children), but I am a *huge* Alice in Wonderland fan, and as an adult, you can make the teacups spin SUPER fast…just don’t eat right before this one ha!

Walt Disney World Railroad : Kids LOVE trains, and by about 2pm, this adult LOVES the chance to sit down and get shuttled around the Magic Kingdom! It is great for everyone, and the wait is especially short during the afternoon parade!

Jungle Cruise : One of my favorites as a child, I love the animatronic animals, especially the Hippos! As an adult, the tour guides commentary is much more comical, and the animals are still fun, too

Astro Orbiter : Like the Teacups, another potentially long wait, BUT the view from up high of the Magic Kingdom is amazing, plus I like this better than the Flying Dumbo ride because the two rides are very similar in operation/ride experience, but Astro Orbiter tends to have fewer smaller children waiting for it (which can save your ears while in line ha!)

All the rides are magical at the Magic Kingdom, cuz let’s face it, you’re in the MAGIC KINGDOM! But, if you’re under a time crunch, try the above and you won’t be disappointed

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