A dreamy (adult) day at WDW

I asked my husband last night what he thought would be a perfect adult day at WDW and the one stipulation was no theme parks.

This is what we came up with:
-start off with a delicious breakfast at either the grand floridian or the Polynesian (where there are both character and non character options available)
-a nice quiet stroll around the hotel grounds (sure to be mostly quiet as people have already scampered off to the parks)
-parasailing-something that wdw offers with gorgeous views-its something we have both always wanted to do and I can’t think of better scenery than Cinderellas castle!
-some water sporting fun-possibly jetski or powerboat rental, again-something fun in an unbelievably magical setting
-lunch at one of the hotel restaurants….we don’t carewhich one as long as its relaxing and delicious!
-an afternoon of bike riding/swimming at fort wilderness (a place that I will always love thanks to many family vacations spent camping there)
-….after all that activity we will probably be tired and in the perfect mood for a couples massage at one of disney worlds 2 spas….I also said I wanted to get a pedicure, to which my husband jokingly replied “I will get one too and I can get a miniature mickey painted on y big toe and you can get a minnie”  …even though he was joking I still really liked that idea ha
-we would end the night at the boardwalk…dinner at big river grille (which brews their own beers in an on premise microbrewery! And the food is great too!)  And then a stroll along the lit up boardwalk….with a possible (ok probable) stop at the boardwalk bakery for some amazing treats

The point of the above? To show that there really are lots of adult activities in wdw. And while none of them may be 100% child free, they are still fun and diverse activities.

Like I have said before (and will say many times again I am sure!) Walt Disney World isn’t just for kids or families….its got something for absolutely everyone.

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