There are a million reasons to take a vacation, from celebrating a birthday or anniversary or wedding or honeymoon or promotion etc…and Disney wants to help make those moments even more special.

When you arrive at whatever Disney World hotel you are staying at, or at whatever park you end up going to first, you can go to the front desk and tell them what you are there to celebrate. They will give you a pin commemorating said event, and from then on, its like you truly are treated differently, in a good way!

The cast members (what Disney calls their employees, cute isn’t it??) will comment and congratulate you on the button (and I am not just talking about 1 cast member giving a one time mumbled “congrats on your birthday”, I am talking about EVERY employee you come across giving you a loud, boisterous “CONGRATS ON YOUR BIRTHDAY” along with questions on how old you are, where are you from…etc, they really do go all out), you’ll get special desserts at select restaurants, and you never know what else they might randomly do for you… my husband and I got free frozen lemonades when we were wearing our ‘just married’ pins on our honeymoon

My husband and his delicious 'celebration' cupcake (while wearing his Just Married pin!)

Maybe you don’t like this kind of attention, and if that is the case, then don’t get or wear the button (problem solved!). But most people I know would be happy to celebrate a special occasion in such a unique way

So the real question is…What will YOU Celebrate on your WDW vacation?

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