“Weather” or not to go to WDW is the question…

I have lived in Upstate NY all my life. One of it’s many attributes is its exceptionally long winters…from as early as early October to as late as late May, the flakes fall in abundance, and its definitely not as charming as you might think…in November and December it’s ‘charming’ and ‘whimsical’…by January it gets old.

Needless to say, like many of you out there, I will take ANY and ALL opportunities to trade the winter weather for warmer climates…case in point, the home of Walt Disney World, Orlando, Florida.

Florida is dubbed “The Sunshine State”, and most of the time, it is…hot and sunny and muggy and amazing (check out Orlando’s average temperatures here).

Probably its only drawback is the rain…it comes often, and hard…but usually its for less than an hour in the afternoon (a perfect time to take refuge in one of WDW’s indoor attractions like Pirates of the Caribbean in Magic Kingdom or Spaceship Earth at Epcot!)

Let’s see…30 minutes of rain (that I am prepared for because I have my Mickey poncho!) on an 80 degree day….or 3-6 inches of snow on a 12 degree day? No contest…Florida wins every time!

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