“It’s all in the details”

You wouldn’t believe how much work goes into every ride, attraction, show, and everything else you see while in Walt Disney World-from the Mickey shapes on the manhole covers to the audio animitronics-all of this adds up to an experience like no other.
You go to an amusement park to be amused, right? To ride roller coasters, splash down water slides, and to eat greasy fried food. There’s a reason that Walt Disney World is more commonly referred to as a ‘theme park’ than an amusement park…you are not merely amused, you are enthralled, enveloped, and entranced by the entire experience.

There are people employed by Disney whose sole job is to make your park experience more amazing, to give it that ‘wow’ factor. Disney calls them Imagineers, and their job is to “Imagine” and “Engineer”, ie come up with ideas and execute them in ways that no one else can. “Learning and Succeeding by Dreaming and Doing” was their motto, and it shows in so many ways throughout the parks. (check out more about Imagineering here)

I always wanted to be an Imagineer when I was a kid…I couldn’t think of a better job than getting to sit around and imagine and create things that everyone who visited WDW would get to see and enjoy…heck it still sounds pretty good ha!

Some of the Imagineers’ impressive executions include:

Pirates of the Caribbean (updated to include Johnny Depp’s Jack Sparrow) where you are taken on a boat ride through a day in the life of a Pirate,

and The Haunted Mansion, where simple techniques (for example, the use of mirrors) transform this ride into something truly unexpected and frightening (I still, to this day, find something that makes me jump every time I ride it!)

Perhaps one of the more famous displays of Disney Detailing is the Hidden Mickeys. They are all over the park, you just have to look for them…a fun game for kids and adults alike (learn more about the hidden mickeys at WDW here)
Even if pirates or spirits or searching for hidden mice aren’t your thing, its hard not to appreciate all the detail and hard work that goes into everything that you see at WDW.

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